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It’s no secret that Walmart is one of the largest operating retail chains in America, but how did it get there?

Captain of Department Stores

Sam Walton was the visionary behind Walmart Stores, who after graduation joined JC Penney as part of their management trainee program. JC Penney is another one of the big department store chains in the US, so it wouldn’t be incorrect to assume Walton took some inspiration from his time there which was about 18 months of employment.

After those 18 months, he resigned to join the military and was able to rise to the rank of captain. Taking forward his insights that he learned from his experience at both JC Penney and the US military, he ventured into creating his own legacy by the name of The Walmart Stores Inc., but not without an initial struggle.

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Does Walmart sell stamps? Yes! Walmart is known to sell stamps at their locations.

From Ben Franklin Stores to Walmart Stores Inc.

So Walton took the risk and bought a chain of Ben Franklin Stores which was operated by the Butler Brothers in the year 1945. The way that Walton changed things up was to sell goods in larger volumes at a lower price, thereby making up for the price cut in the form of a higher number of sales. At that time, no other retail chain thought to do this and initially Walton had to see his own struggles.

However, he luckily ended up finding suppliers that agreed to sell at lower prices for larger quantity bulk buying. This strategy worked so well for Walton that just the first year in business saw the franchise making a huge jump in revenue, which continued to more than double itself by the end of the fourth year.

At the end of the lease term, Walton had made enough profit to launch his own store which he named “Walton’s Five and Dime”. This led him to open a discount store which was expanded to a total of 24 stores just within the first five years. That is how the story of Walmart Stores Inc. begun in the year 1970. The incorporation of the chain occurred in 1969 as Walmart Inc. but the name was later on changed.

Since then the department store chain has been making waves, expanding to multiple countries around the world and has risen to become one of the largest chains in the world.

Walmart Stores Inc. – What Do They Sell?

The best thing about department stores is that they are a one-stop shop, having most products that you might want in one single trip to the store and Walmart is no exception to this. Walmart stores have everything from grocery products to electronics, jewelry, sporting goods, art supplies, home products etc. and yes, they also sell stamps.

Where Can You Find Stamps At A Walmart Store?

To find stamps at your local Walmart store, you will have to locate the Customer Service desk. There, you can purchase the different variations of stamps available in different colors and pictures in a book of 20 stamps. Also, feel free to use our Location Tool to find Walmart locations close to you!

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