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Staples was founded by Thomas Stemberg and Leo Kahn back in 1985. The story behind its existence is quite interesting, Stemberg was working on a project but could not find ribbon for his printer, because the local shop in his area was not operating due to Independence Day.

He got very frustrated and wondered why do people rely so much on these small local shops when it comes to office supplies. Stemberg already had a background in grocery business, so the frustration and experience led him into envisioning a superstore for office supplies. Hence, next year, in 1986, Staples first ever store started operating in Boston.

By 1992, Staples had stores opening in the Europe and opened its first ever British store in Swansea. Now by early 2000’s, Staples has more than 1300 stores operating all over in the metropolitan areas. It was also located in small markets in more than 45 states. Apart from being one of the largest office supply stores, it also started providing delivery services, which would supply internet and office supplies to different large sized and medium sized organizations.

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Does Staples sell stamps? Yes! Staples is known to sell stamps at their locations.


Now, you must be wondering, can you find stamps at Staples? Well, the answer is yes! Finding postage stamps can be a time-consuming task. The best way is to find and locate stores nearby in your area from where you can easily buy stamps. Now, one no longer has to travel all the way to the post office in order to get a postage stamp.

You can easily find one in your nearby grocery or retailing shop. Similarly, to cater the needs of the customers, Staples also sells a variety of postage stamps. People usually have this misconception that buying stamps from any other place than post office, will be heavy on their pockets, but this is completely wrong! Staples sells First Class Forever stamps for the same price as the postal service does.

The best thing about buying stamps from retail stores is that they operate throughout the week and even on the weekends. Staples will cater you! Staples does not deliver or sells stamps online, so the best thing you can do to ensure that your time does not get wasted is, call your nearest Staple store to ensure that they have stamps in stock.

Another thing about buying stamps from Staples is that they sell in books of 20. You can buy it once and use them anytime you want! Because Staples itself is an office supply superstore, you can also buy any type of other shipping material like envelopes, pens, stickers, wrapping papers etc.

All you have to do is call the nearest Staples store and ask about the availability of postage stamps.  Feel free to browse our website to search for stamps near you!

Image of a Staples store
    Where to buy stamps? Buy stamps at a Staples near you!

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