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This popular chain of supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores in the United States originally started out as Skaggs, which was founded by M.B. Skaggs in 1915. In 1926 Skaggs purchased over 300 Selig stores to boost up the total number of Safeway stores to over 800 locations.

Does Safeway Sell Stamps?

Yes, you can find stamps at Safeway! The store has been authorized to sell postage stamps throughout the country. They do not sell you individual stamps so if you wish to buy postage stamps from Safeway you need to buy a book of stamps that contains twenty stamps.

The price of this book of stamps is the same as the price you pay at other locations that sell postage stamps. Before you go to the store to buy stamps it is important for you to find out how many stamps your parcel or package needs as it is dependent on the weight of your parcel.

Therefore, first, weigh your package yourself before heading out to the store because the stores do not weigh it for you. If you do not know how to weigh your package and are in a hurry you can simply use a food scale to do the weighing.

Image of a Safeway store
Does Safeway sell stamps? Yes! Safeway is known to sell stamps at their locations.

Where Can You Buy Safeway Stamps?

You can simply find stamps at Safeway stores that are located everywhere in the country. Since the company has an enormous network you can find the stores almost everywhere on roads, bus stops, and railways. You can also login to Safeway’s website and use the store locator to find out about the stores located near you as well as use our Location Tool.

Buying stamps online is also an option but not all stores provide online selling options. Therefore if you wish to buy online you need to do your research about the stores that provide this service. Safeway also offers delivery services.

Postage stamps are easily and widely available in their groceries section as well as gas stations. You simply need to go to the store and ask about the stamps from the reception counter or from the customer care. As you cannot buy individual pieces, and only buy the book, you can simply use the number of stamps that you need and save the rest for the next time.

The price is the same as USPS so you do not have to worry about over-charging. Apart from selling stamps, Safeway sells a wide variety of other items such as pharmaceutical products, nutritional supplies, foods and beverages, and grocery items. Another interesting fact about this company is that it even owns a gas station and you can find a variety of supplies at their gas stations as well.


Safeway is a wonderful option if you wish to buy a lot of things from one place. It offers many discounts on various products if you signup for its Safeway club card. You can sign up for this card online and although it may take a couple of minutes of your time it will bring you amazing long-term benefits.

Image of a Safeway store
    Where to buy stamps? Buy stamps at a Safeway near you!

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