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Rite Aid is one of the most popular drugstore chains in the United States. It was ranked at number 94 in 2018 for being one of the largest and biggest corporations in American in terms of revenue. It is typically a pharmacy and sells various kinds of medicinal drugs. However, it also sells a variety of stamps. The 57 year old company was founded by Alex Grass in the year 1962 and has its headquarters in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.  It has an annual revenue of $21.64 billion and employs 53, 100 people.

Does Rite Aid Sell Stamps?

Yes! If you are looking for stamps and other accessories for writing somewhere in the U.S. then Rite Aid is one of the best options for you. It sells postage stamps, pens, erasers, envelops, and postcards along with medicinal drugs and supplies. Their stores are located almost everywhere in the U.S. so finding them is not a difficult or challenging task. Although they are one of the most popular and largest drug stores in the U.S. they have been selling postage stamps to people for a while now and the customers are more than happy and satisfied with their addition. Moreover, the quality of their service and friendly attitude towards their customers is extremely remarkable.

Rite Aid sells stamps to its customers in a form of a book where every book contains approximately twenty postage stamps. The price of the stamps is exactly the same as the price at USPS but to know the exact price it is crucial to be aware of the weight of your package if you wish to know the number of stamps that you need. Therefore, it is important to know the weight of the package before buying the stamps.

Image of a Rite Aid store
Does Rite Aid sell stamps? Yes! Rite Aid is known to sell stamps at their locations.

How Can You Buy Stamps Here?

Buying stamps from Rite Aid is not a challenging task. It has over 6000 stores in the US so finding a one near you is not difficult. Simply go to the shop and buy stamps from the counter. One can take the assistance of the customer care of the person sitting at the reception if you have any trouble. You can simply go to the store at any time between 8 am to 10 pm, at most stores, and get your desired postage stamps from the counter. You can also purchase other accessories as well.


The variety of items that the company provides caters to each and every need of the consumer. It has also included food and beverage in its portfolio as well as beauty and wellness products. It is constantly expanding in the country in terms of area and product portfolio. If you are looking for postage stamps that you can buy easily without any hassle then you need to visit a nearby Rite Aid store for ease, comfort, and excellent customer support experience.

Image of a Rite Aid store
   Where to buy stamps? Buy stamps at a Rite Aid near you!

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