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Though this is the era of emails, messages and WhatsApp calls, letters still hold a big importance. Try to imagine the first time you received a letter. Imagine the happiness, the anticipation, the excitement that you would feel. That excitement is still there and can still be achieved if you wish to send letters. The most important part of posting a letter is putting on a stamp. This is where it gets tricky because it’s rare to write letters now, it’s also rare to find stamps outside of a post office.

In this article you will be told where to buy stamps, and how much it would cost you. But first, a little about the retail store CVS.

History of CVS

CVS is a retail pharmacy store that provides a variety of healthcare medicines to local consumers. Founded in 1963 it is a primary healthcare retail store with chains all over America and is considered the best health retail store in the US.

You can find a CVS in almost every city and town of America with its branches reaching even the remotest of the country. One of the most interesting things about a CVS is that they usually have clinics attached to them within the store or right next to them. Along with prescription medicine, beauty products and other small convenience products, you can also find stamps at CVS.

Image of CVS store
Does CVS sell stamps? Yes! CVS is known to sell stamps at their locations.

How to Search for Stamps at CVS

CVS definitely sells stamps but sells them in a bundle. So, you will currently get a bundle of 20 stamps for approximately $10. CVS only sells forever stamps, meaning that they are basic and you will not and cannot find any other designs. If you do wish to buy a different design then you may have to go to a post office.

Where do you search for stamps at CVS? Well, simply you can find the stamps at the CVS counter. All you need to go is ask the cashier who will help you out. If they don’t have it then it means that you went to CVS store that doesn’t sell it. That is why it is best to give a search beforehand. Just go through your local CVS points through the internet and search which one offers stamps too. This will save you time and effort.

Feel free to enter your location to search for stamps near you!

Image of CVS store
Where to buy stamps? Buy stamps at a CVS near you!

Search for STAMPS at CVS

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