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Imagine you are writing a letter and you realize, just as your about to post it that you don’t have stamps. Finding stamps near you may not always be easy. That is where this website can help if you don’t live near a post office. Mostly, if you are on a search for stamps at your local post office, it will be easy to get a hold of them and use them, but sometimes, especially if you live in a big city, post offices aren’t exactly found in abundance.

This is where this article comes in to help you because you can easily find stamps at your local Costco. All you need to do is go through this article to know how to get them.

Costco: Brief History

Costco first started in 1983 in Seattle and is now considered one of the biggest retailers after Walmart. It has expanded its shops from just Seattle to all over America and even in some countries abroad. With its retail value only increasing, Costco is still considered one of the best retailers in terms of organic food and meat products.

Along with being one of the best-known retail stores in the U.S. it also offers their customers two publications called Costco Connections and Costco Household Almanac. These are preferred by the customers and can be bought for free online. They also publish a cookbook that has yet to be named.

Does Costco sell stamps? Yes! Costco is known to sell stamps at their locations.

Where to Buy Stamps at Your Local Costco

Where can you find stamps at your local Costco and what is the procedure for getting them? Well, it’s pretty simple and straightforward. At Costco you can currently get a pack of 100 stamps for approximately $50. Costco also offers a 25-cent discount to their shoppers.

Now, how can you find stamps at Costco? Since not all stores sell stamps, it is best to get in touch with the customer service who can inform you beforehand if their branch has stamps or not. If they do, you can then proceed to go to the store and buy them.  Another thing that you can do, that will be a lot easier is to go online and go to Costco’s website where you can buy different designed stamps, not necessarily in a bundle of 100 stamps but as many as you want. You can then pay online and get them immediately delivered to you easily.

Just search for a Costco near you and make sure that you know how many you want and how much you want to pay for them. Once you have your stamps, you can then send as many letters to your loved ones as you want. The choice is all yours!

    Where to buy stamps? Buy stamps at a Costco near you!

Find STAMPS at Costco locations

Customer service: 1 (800) 774-2678

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